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Today we would like to better focus on the importance solar ovens have in order to tackle indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution represents a critical global issue, if we consider that “every day, nearly half people in the world prepare their meals over burning wood, charcoal or animal dung. And every year, more than 4 million people — most of them women and children — die prematurely from the resulting household smoke. The practice also contributes to deforestation and climate change.

These aspects are stressed in a dedicated article from the Huffington Post, which also reports the case of Catlin Powers, CEO of One Earth Designs, indicating how her studies on climate change in Himalayas brought her towards the development of the SolSource solar stove.

The article also cites the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and highlights the importance to rely also on different solutions other than solar ovens, in order to ease the cooking when there is not sun.

For more information, we invite you to read the article “How Do You Fight the World’s Largest Environmental Health Problem’? Harnss the Sun”