Sentinelle dell’Energia. We are a social promotion association (Italian Law nr. 383/2000) made from young and less young people, collectively engaged to promote good practices aiming to contribute to pursue environmental, economic and social sustainability. At the beginning of 2018, we count 35 associates, 12 of which are aged less than 31 years old.

MISSION. Our Mission is to promote the energy transition towards a low carbon economy, based on renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy recovery, taking care at the same time to promote employment and to tackle poverty.

ACTIVITIES. We organize activities at schools, public initiatives (events, conferences), practical workshops, pilot projects and collective buying groups for the local communities.

For year 2018, we will perform activities relating to the Themes of Poverty, Peace, Solar Ovens, European Juvenile Projects, Energy Recovery for Buildings and Indoor Air Quality, Biogas and India.

We also have an online shop for selling sustainable products (in Italian).

See our Statute and the meeting minutes of the Board and of the Assembly (in Italian).


For year 2018, the members of the Board are:

  • Eng. Davide Bianchini, president
  • Loredana Farinelli, secretary
  • Eng. Paolo Moretti, vice-president
  • Geom. Gabriele Saltarelli, member of the Board
  • Francesco Santori, deputy member of the Board
  • Alessandro Pandolfi, deputy member of the Board