Hi all! Here we are with our appointment with the report on one of our Sentinella’s seminar experience on social entrepreneurship in Armenia.

Today we won’t talk about the project time activities, since we discussed about them in the last post; we will rather briefly talk about the free time activities our Sentinella’s took part in. In particular, we will report about:

3.1 excursion in Tatev village surrounding mountains;

3.2 getting on board on the “Wings of Tatev” (Tatev cableway);

3.3 sport matches (football and volleyball), very brief summary;

3.4 intercultural evening;

So, what are we waiting, let’s start immediately!



Did you know that Tatev village is placed in a cape formed by a deep river gorge with precipitory rocky slopes?

If you did not, ler’s see these pictures taken by our Sentinella!

Trekking around Tatev nr 7 Trekking around Tatev nr 6 Trekking around Tatev nr 1
Trekking around Tatev nr 5 Trekking around Tatev nr 3 Trekking around Tatev nr 2

So, the project participants had a great afternoon in discovering Tatev surrounding mountains. The marvellous sights and panoramas, the dense and varied vegetation, togheter with some “unsuspected inhabitants” – the donkey and some cows met along the path – accompanied them during the day trip. The wild and inaccessible setting mixed perfectly with the pacific atmosphere that made of Tatev the native place for one of the most important monastery complex of Syunik Region. Climbing up and down the slopes, the participants managed to visit the natural spring river hidden inside the scenario, Tatev Monastery’s former university and Satan’s Bridge, a natural block formation at the bottom of Tatev mountain.


In our previous posts, we have yet mentioned the Wings of Tatev and we gave some photos about it.

But why don’t giving more information now?

The “Wings of Tatev” is the evocative name of the 5.7 kms long cableway connecting Tatev to the village of Halidzor. It is the “longest non-stop double track cable car”.

Once on board, you will enjoy a great experience in admiring the gorge and the surrounding scenario through which you pass suspended in the air. During the trip, you will be engaged for sure also in some sort of rollercoaster experience, namely before and after the cableway leap over the mountain which comes between Tatev and Halidzor.


Wings of Tatev 1 Wings of Tatev 1
Wings of Tatev 3 Wings of Tatev 4
Wings of Tatev 5 Wings of Tatev 6
Wings of Tatev 7 Wings of Tatev 8
 Wings of Tatev 9  Wings of Tatev 10



As we said above, we played football and volleyball too!!

What about that? Well, it is not advisable to resume the play-by-play of the matches. We can say that Tatev inhabitants were very strong at playing football and that the match was engaging. Unfortunately, we had to interrupt it soon because it started to rain. Anyway, the team of the social entrepreneurship project participants managed to win!!

After that, we went immediately at playing volleyball indoor. The matches here involved mixed male and female teams with a number of player higher than usual for volleyball matches!! It took place in an abandoned factory, where often youngster go for playing volleyball.


Don’t you know what an intercultural evening is? Well, it is a crucial and typical appointment during seminars and intercultural exchanges. Each participant prepare a brief presentation of its Country and/or birthplace, aiming to attract the attention of all the others. But the most interest thing of intercultural evening is the possibility to taste some culinary typicalness of each participant Country, and, for boys especially, typical drinks.

So, why not to have an experience like this? You can particpate at seminars or other intercultural exchange by applying at Vicolocorto association’s calls!