Sentinelle dell’Energia – SELENE non profit organisation has recently activated contacts with the informal group of Sustainable Energy Youth Network (website and facebook page), which is committed to promote community based renewable energy initiatives all over Europe, in order to favor a more democratic way for producing and consuming energy.

We are seraching for a new member. Are yiu interested?

We are seraching for a new member. Are yiu interested? (image taken from

Now, we are searching for a new member who is willing to take part to this summer Solta “ResVolution” Academy in Croatia, during which the participants will learn about the past European good examples of renewable energy cooperatives, will learn on how to locally start their renewable energy projects and could propose their own projects, which then could be financed through a the new dedicated SEYN crowdfunding platform.

We are searching for a motivated person, having a good knowledge of English, good organisational capabilities and willing to be actively engaged in new renewable energy projects in the local territory of Pesaro and Urbino province after the Academy has taken place.

If you make a good impression on us and on the organizers of the ResVolution, you will get reimbursements for all the costs for the participation to the project!

Anywway, please reply soon because the deadline is on the 5th of June!

For more information and in order to get the details about the call for proposal, please write at [email protected] or [email protected]