Just 1 coffee from about 6’900 persons. This is what is needed in order to allow the Indian solar cooking campaign “Rural Women Empowerment with Solar Cooking” to reach its funding goal.

The campaign is promoted through the Indian crowdfunding platform Milaap. You can find it at the following link:


It has been conceived and promoted by Dr. Alzubair Saiyed, a young engineer with a “Master of Technology” (MTech) in Thernal Engineering at Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat State of India.

Currently, Eng Saiyed is promoting several different models of solar cookers in various schools, colleges and villages, without any fees or charge, as better described in the following report:


Solar cooking could give a significant contribution to tackle several major issues facing some of the Indian population at household level, that is to say poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, sanitary critical issues due to household air pollution coming from inefficient cooking habits. It could also help to mitigate the rise of the greenhouse gas effect and the deforestation.

Sentinelle dell’Energia – SELENE – Social Promotion Association decided to address the aforementioned problems and it is currently committed to identify actions which may give their contribution for ameliorating the livelihood and living conditions of Indian population, with a focus to The Poor living in rural areas.

Thus, as part of this engagement, Sentinelle dell’Energia has decided to support Eng. Saiyed and its crowdfunding campaign.

For more information about Eng Saiyed, you can visit his dedicated page on the Solar Cookers International Network website at


Moreover, you can visit his facebook page and you can try to contact him:


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