The European Commission is working towards the introduction of a new initiative, called the European Solidarity Corps, in order to promote solidarity ay EU level and to strengthen the voluntary or professional engagement of young people in relevant social and environmental fields.

Accordingly, the Commission has called for a public consultation, allowing all the stakeholders to contribute to the definition of this new initiative.

For all those wishing to better know what the European Solidarity Corps are and for those willing to contribute to the public consultation, here we provide some more information and the link to the page for the public consultation:

The European Solidarity Corps will create opportunities for young people to support communities and people in need. These opportunities will include volunteering and solidarity-related jobs, traineeships and apprenticeships, both in the young people’s home countries and abroad.

The Commission is now consulting stakeholders and the general public to define key priorities and shape the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps.

This public consultation builds on an initial, targeted consultation of a selection of key stakeholders in late 2016. The questions of the targeted consultation were broad, focussing on the potential and the challenges of creating a European Solidarity Corps.

The consultation results will inform the Commission’s legislative proposal.