Workshops and Demonstrations of Solar Cooking



 Pesaro, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Solar Ovens

Demonstration of Solar Cooking at Parco Miralfiore and in Piazza del Popolo, August – September 2016

Demonstration of Solar Cooking with CND Fenile
August – Semptember 2016, Parco Miralfiore and Piazza del Popolo in Pesaro. Sentinelle dell’Energia and people from the Community of CND Fenile, managed by I.R.S. L’Aurora social cooperative, organized three days of solar cooking open to all the interested citizens. The organizers used two solar box ovens equipped with a simple greenhouse all around, some Fun Panels, some Copenhagen Solar Cookers and a prototype of parabolic solar cooker made from cardboard.

During the three days of demonstration of solar cooking, we tryed to prepare different meals and dishes. In particular, we prepared rice salad, spaghetti, boiled eggplants and zucchinis, roast potatoes and finally vegan cocoa biscuits!

 EcoFuturo Festival 2016 – Festival of the Ecotechnologies and of Self-construction
We have been invited for the first time to participate at EcoFuturo,which is ...
We have been invited for the first time to participate at EcoFuturo, which is the Festival of ecotechnologies and self construction, which has reached its third edition this year. This year the Festival was held in EcoArea, a new building following bioarchitecture principles and guidelines which is located in Cerasolo (Rimini). As per the previous editions of the Festival, there were numerous events dedicated to the ecotechnologies and self-construction, you can find more information at this link! CND Fenile and us from Sentinelle dell’Energia were invited for a demonstration of solar cooking. The premises were not good, since the weather forecast was that of a cloudy day, moreover, we had never had a public demonstration of solar cooking yet. Nonetheless, we didn’t loss faith and we tried our best to get good results. and good results came: the weather was good enough and we managed to cook rice salad for about 20 people!