Conferences and Other Public Initiatives
30 September – Conference “Solar Ovens and Cookers and Biomass Stoves” – Event of “Fano Città da Gustare”
During the conference some models of solar ovens and cookers and biomass stoves have been desrcibed. The biomass models have been described by Fabio Bilancioni, who is a researcher, designer and promoter of renewable energies at community level, both in Italy and in developing Countries. In particular, Fabio Bilancioni described one biomass (and bioliquid) stove functioning on a pyrolytic type process and one rocket stove based functioning on combustion. Moreover, Fabio Bilancioni also offered to the participants some tea, which has been prepared thanks the the biomass (and bioliquid) stoves. Then, Davide Bianchini from Sentinelle dell’Energia described one solar cooker and two solar ovens, represented by the models of the heaven’s flame and of the Copenhagen solar panel cooker. Davide described the advantages and disadvantages of all the solar ovens and cookers and talked about the initiatives on solar cooking promoted by Sentinelle dell’Energia. The conference was organized within the event of “Fano Città da Gustare. L’ospitalità evoluta. Cibo, libri, ristorazione e tecnologia”. The event was realized by associazione culturale IES and by associazione Ambasciatore Territoriale dell’Enogastronomia. On the right, you can see some photos from the conference!
Conference “Verso una Società Digitale Sempre Più Green”

The conference dealt with the themes of (1) the evolution of information technology and of the opportunities for their integration with renewable energies, (2) the opportunities given by renewable energies to promote networking and interaction within a community, both in the so called “Developed Countries” and in “Developing Countries”, giving concrete examples of technologies and plants, (3) of solar cooking and of the models of solar ovens and cookers that can be built using low cost materials.
During the conference, there was also a debate on the positive opportunities and potential risks of the social networks.

Conference Digitale e Green

At this link, you can find the presentation (in Italian) that we prepared for the conference!

Moreover, at the following link, you can watch the video of the conference on the facebook page of ondaliberatv!


Siamo a Fano, nei locali del FabLab per l'incontro "Verso una società digitale sempre più green".Interverranno: il Prof. Domenico Consoli, dell'Ass. Cult. IES e FabLab S. Arcangelo che parlerà di "Un utilizzo green delle tecnologie informatiche"; il Prof. Fabio Bilancioni, esperto di cooperazione ed energie rinnovabili complementari che parlerà di "Valorizzazione delle relazioni umane nella condivisione di energie rinnovabili a basso impatto ecologico" e l'Ing. Davide Bianchini, Presidente dell'Ass. Sentinelle dell'energia SELENE, che parlerà di "forni e cucine solari".Dante Leopardi

Pubblicato da Ondalibera.tv su martedì 23 maggio 2017

Exhibit on Solar Cooking during the initiative “Kyoto, a path to be completed”
This was our very first exhibit on solar cooking. The initiative “Kyoto, a path to be completed”, was promoted by Legambiente, Circolo il Ragusello di Pesaro. During it, we prepared some posters which described the history of solar cooking, other that described the different kind of existing solar cookers and ovens and other that tried to highlight the potential environmental and economic advantages of solar cooking. At the following link, you can find more information about the initiative, together with the posters that we realized.