Solar Cooking at School


The “Schooling Solar Cooking” project 2018

On April and May we have realized the "Schooling Solar Cooking" at "Mamiani" High School

On April and May 2018 we have realized the activities of “Schooling Solar Cooking” at “Mamiani” High School, with some of the classes of the fourth year of psycho-pedagogic.

The project consisted in a theoretical lesson in class, which can be get at the following link (in Italian) and in a practical activity outside the school, where we have measured the increase of the temperature of the oven under the sun and as an elective exercise, we gave to the students the possibility to calculate the maximum reachable temperature by the oven for every month of the year. The exercises of the practical activity are available here (in Italian): Esercizi Attività Pratica.

The “Schooling Solar Cooking” Project

Schooling Solar Cooking


With the third year students from the junior high school “Giovanni Branca” in Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, we made a theoretical lesson about solar cooking and one workshop for the construction of Copenhagen type solar panels.

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Theoretical Lesson about Solar Cooking


With the theoretical lesson about solar cooking, we described the different types of solar ovens and cookers (box oven, solar panel, circular paraboloid solar cooker and parabolic through) and the èhysical principles of solar cooking (based on refraction and greenhouse effect). Then, we gave somme useful advices for cooking. You can get the presentation at the following page.

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Workshop for the Construction of Panel Solar Cookers


During the workshop for the construction of panel solar cookers, we divided the students into 8 groups and we built 8 solar panels of the Copenhagen type. The students were really good and the teachers, who were responsible for the workshop, were really collaborative and professional ! At this page, you can find a manual (in Italian) for the construction of the Copenhagen solar cooker.

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